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You may know that sewer pipes help keep buildings clean by expelling waste and bringing in clean water, but what if I told you that there are more to those icky little tunnels that you should probably know as a property or homeowner. Below is a list of four important sewer-related topics you should know as a property owner. Just like living things, pipes are not designed to stick around forever and all come with built-in weaknesses. Regular check-ups such as rooter services are the best way to ensure that they survive for as long as possible. Although all pipes are prone to decay and failure over time, there are some things you can do to help avoid costly repairs. These include regular inspections, drain cleaning, and simple, best-practices such as not pouring grease down the sink.


Even if you and your residents follow all of the best practices exactly, nothing can stop the onset of time induced decay such as natural erosion and tree root invasion. When placed on top of underground sewer pipes, large trees are capable of growing right through important lines, ruining their efficacy and costing you a lot of money in water bills. If you suspect that your sewer line is a victim of tree root invasion, do not hesitate to act quickly. While there is a myriad of existing methods to repair most pipes, the most effective and technologically advanced method for dealing with them is called trenchless pipe repair and replacement.

Cleaning methods

There are several very effective potential sewer line repair services for cleaning your drains that we utilize at A-1 Trenchless. The first and most common method is called drain snaking. Drain snaking is the process by which a long wire is used to try to detect and remove any debris in your sewer pipes. Drain snaking, while simple, is a strategy that should only be done by specialists in the field as it requires complex measurements which, when done incorrectly, could mean disaster for your plumbing. There are numerous “DIY” methods out on the internet; however, one should only attempt them if they have ample experience.

Best Practices

Aside from regular inspections, there are numerous different ways one can ensure that their pipes remain fresh and undamaged. Some of these consist of:

  • Using your best judgment when dumping liquids into the sinks; never pour grease or cooking oil down the drain as they can harden and disrupt the water flow.
  • Using enzymes to cleanse your drain every month. This can have a dramatic effect on preventing rust and other decaying processes from taking hold.
  • Have a rooter service done each year

Repair and Sewer Line Replacement – Sewer Line Repair in Germantown

This method consists of using a resin-based solution of strong materials to insert into already existing pipes and letting it harden through the exposure of water and oxygen. After this short process is over, you are left essentially with a stronger pipe within a pipe. Thus, it is basically both a repair and replacement simultaneously, without the need for digging potentially harmful and inconvenient trenches on your property. The best part is that this method is both cost-effective and safe.
If you are in need of sewer line services or other sewer line repair in Germantown, MD, call your best option for blocked sewer line repair, A-1 Trenchless today or visit our website. The longer you wait the more your pipes will be at risk, get in touch with us today!

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