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The A-1 Trenchless Services team offers a number of plumbing and sewer repair services for residential and commercial pipes. Trenchless sewer repair in Gaithersburg, MD, is one of the most common requests received by our professional technicians, thanks to the many benefits that come with the non-invasive pipe lining method. Unlike traditional sewer repair that calls for extensive digging, large work crews, and a hefty bill to repair any damaged landscaping, trenchless methods are fast and cost-effective.

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Whether you’re battling advanced corrosion due to age or invasive tree roots have grown into your sewer line, trenchless sewer repair in Gaithersburg, MD, is a convenient way to rid your system of the problem. The trouble with a damaged sewer line is it’s sometimes difficult to recognize. As the lines are underground, you must be vigilant about looking for warning signs that your plumbing system isn’t working properly. A failed sewer line often comes with red flags, including:

  • Unexpected increase in monthly water cost
  • Pooling water on the lawn
  • Sewage pooling on the lawn
  • Loss of water pressure
  • Raw sewage smell lingering in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Slow drains

If you notice any of these symptoms in or around your home, call the professional plumbers at A-1 Trenchless Services. Our skilled technicians will identify the source of the problems and offer only the solutions you need, including sewer line replacement or blocked sewer line repair. You can expect our technicians to arrive on time, courteously answer your questions, and complete the sewer line services at the price point specified.


When the technician arrives on the scene, the first step to locating your sewer problem is through a sewer camera inspection. A high-resolution camera is inserted into your plumbing system through an existing access point. The technician will carefully guide the camera through your pipes, revealing any clogs, tree roots, and build up. The live video feed will show the technician what is causing your plumbing problem.

Once the problem is identified, the technician will discuss all available options to complete the repair. Frequently, trenchless pipe lining is the best solution to repair cracks, leaks, corrosion and tree root growth. Before lining the existing pipe, the technicians will complete the hydro jetting process. This drain cleaning technique harnesses the power of extreme water pressure, shooting water out of a rotating head at more than 4000 PSI. The rotating head is moved through the pipe to clear away years of debris.

When the hydro jetting process is complete, the technician will coat a felt liner in epoxy resin material. The liner is inserted into one of the two small access holes created to complete the job. The liner is pulled through the affected pipe and inflated with air or water. The resin is pushed into the pipe walls and left for approximately three hours to harden.

When the liner is removed, the pipe has a like-new lining that restores the optimum flow rate and closes any holes or cracks. The liner is a permanent solution designed to last for decades to come. With Gaithersburg trenchless pipe lining, your sewer can be repaired in just one day and your property is saved from an excavation.


The A-1 Trenchless Services team is the industry leader in completing trenchless sewer repair as well as trenchless sewer replacement in Gaithersburg, MD, and the surrounding communities. Our friendly staff is ready to schedule your appointment for sewer repair work or preventative maintenance. Call our team today to learn how our trenchless methods can prolong the life of your plumbing system.

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