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Sewer line repair in Gaithersburg, MD, and the surrounding areas is a complex job that requires training and experience. Any work performed on your sewer line, whether for your home or business, should be done by a professional. The A-1 Trenchless Services team has the professional expertise and advanced equipment needed to complete sewer line repair without destroying your lawn, driveway or flooring. Many residential, industrial, and commercial property owners don’t realize they are responsible for the pipes that lead to the local sewer connection. By being proactive about your plumbing system, you can prevent many of the common problems that occur with sewer lines. We offer trenchless services in the following locations:


Our technicians do more than remove clogs from drains and pipes. When you notice problems with waste removal from your home, A-1 Trenchless Services is available for sewer line repair, sewer line cleaning, and sewer line replacement. It’s important to hire a professional plumber who understands the intricate workings of an entire plumbing system when sewer line repair services need to be performed. Our technicians are dedicated to locating the specific problem, making a quality sewer line repair in Gaithersburg, MD, and the surrounding areas and ensuring you don’t have to face ongoing issues with your pipes.

While aging pipes are more likely to need sewer line services, new homes can also fall victim to severe clogs, line breaks, or improper installation. No matter the age of your home, look for these warning signs that your sewer line is in disrepair:

  • Unexpected increase in water bill
  • Pooling water or sewage in lawn
  • Multiple drains become backed up
  • simultaneously
  • Multiple toilets unable to flush waste
  • Sewage smell seeps from drains

If any of these symptoms present themselves in your home or business plumbing, contact the A-1 Trenchless Services team immediately. We work with only the most advanced equipment to complete your blocked sewer line repair in Gaithersburg, MD, and the surrounding areas.


There are a number of reasons your sewer line may fall into disrepair. Whether ill-advised construction has caused a broken line or corrosion has left a portion of the sewer line susceptible to leaks, our team will thoroughly inspect and diagnose the problem. The most common sewer line problems include bellied pipes, broken pipes, corrosion, leaking joints, outdated material, sewer blockages, and tree root invasion. These issues can be caused by man-made issues, like foreign objects being flushed down the toilet, or by natural causes, like shifting soil. The most effective way to determine what’s causing your sewer problems is to schedule a sewer camera inspection.

A waterproof camera is inserted into your plumbing system and reveals what’s happening on the inside of your pipes. From grease buildup and waste to tree roots and cracked pipes, the camera reveals each issue. Our technicians will diagnose the problem and offer trenchless sewer line repair in Gaithersburg, MD, that fits your time and budget.


Sewer line repair work doesn’t have to take days and empty your wallet. The A-1 Trenchless Services team will deliver quality work for less than traditional digging methods. Our experienced staff can schedule your appointment and explain how our modern repair techniques are more advantageous than other methods. Contact us today by calling our team or filling out our form.

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A-1 Trenchless Services is a locally-owned and -operated company, which means we can be your partner every step of the way. We provide effective trenchless solutions at any time of day. We are proud to serve residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the following locations: