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Sewer line blockages are something none of us expect to experience. It can cause major problems with water backing up inside the house from the washing machine and commodes. Locating a reliable company to repair the blocked line is another headache to worry about.

A-1 Trenchless Services are the professionals to contact when this emergency affects the home and family. We serve residents for sewer line repair in Rockville MD. Our company has been in business for many years. Our large client base of customers has relied on us for all sewer line services. Make the decision to allow us to handle the clogged sewer line problem.

What Causes the Problem for Sewer Line Replacement?

People don’t think about the things they flush down the toilet and drains. This is one of the major reasons a sewer line can become blocked. Grease from food and cooking oils is one source of the problem. It usually is poured down the kitchen sink. Some people will pour it in the toilet to flush. They believe it will wash out through the lines into the sewer.

All of this grease accumulates inside the sewer pipe. We locate it by using a sewer camera. The grease hardens on the inside of the lines. People continue to pour grease down the drains until the lines clog. The only way to remove it is by sewer line replacement. We can try to clean out the sewer line with a plumbing auger or hydro jetting.

Never pour grease down the drains. It will only cause problems in the future. Don’t flush diapers or personal feminine products down the commodes. They can become blocked in the sewer line. Most problems with clogged sewer lines would be prevented if we all practiced methods to avoid it.

Tree roots are another area of concern for everyone. The roots grow towards a steady supply of water and nutrients. When a dry spell stops rainfall for weeks to months, the roots will need a source of water. All it takes is a small rupture to the sewer line to get this problem started. We have replaced sewer lines where the tree roots were too thick to cut through with other methods. The only way to eliminate the problem is to replace that section of the sewer line.

A homeowner can help stop tree root invasion into sewer lines by removing any trees from the property close to the pipe. This will not end the problem as tree roots can grow into sewer lines from a great distance in search of water. Our sewer line services will always be available for homeowners that have clogged lines.

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Never face clogged sewer line problems without calling us to see how we can help. Our company specializes in blocked sewer line repair in Rockville MD. We are easy to get in touch with. Make the call to us to discuss the problem and set up an appointment for us to visit. We have a contact form on our website anyone can fill out to get in touch with us. Contact us for sewer line repair services today.

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