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Do you have sewer water backing up into your home or your yard? If so, you need sewer line repair services. Waiting too long to get the repairs you need can cause numerous problems including water damage to the home and health hazards.

A concern for many people is the cost of sewer line services. The cost to repair or replace a damaged sewer line varies greatly. There are several factors that sewer contractors consider when pricing a job.

  • These factors include:
  • Complexity of the repair
  • Labor and material costs
  • The specific procedure used

Before a sewer contractor can tell you how much sewer line repair services will be, they need to inspect the pipe and determine the nature of the problem.

Causes of Sewer Damage

Sewer damage is caused by many things. Older homes with clay or cast-iron pipes tend to develop problems such as corrosion or cracks. When cracks form in a sewer pipe, this leads to sewage leaks and invites root intrusion.

Newer homes aren’t immune to sewer issues either. The most common problems these homes experience with their sewer pipes have to do with poor installation and blocked pipes caused by too much debris.

Complexity of the Repair or Replacement

Not all blocked sewer line repair in Germantown, MD, requires expensive repairs. Some sewer line problems can be fixed by removing the blockage using sewer jetting equipment, which will cost less than repairing or replacing sections of the pipe.

Labor and Material Costs

Sewer line breaks can be repaired through traditional means or trenchless methods. Traditional sewer line repair requires sewer contractors to excavate the pipe and work on it in the trench. The pipe can be repaired or replaced using digging methods.

Traditional sewer line replacement in Germantown, MD, can cost homeowners more money because of the additional labor hours involve in the repair. Homeowners also need to know that restoration costs to restore lawns and concrete surfaces disturbed during the repair add to the total cost of the job.

Trenchless sewer repair and replacement methods don’t require sewer contractors to dig up yards or concrete surfaces. Depending on the method, pipe bursting or pipe relining, the contractors only need one or two small access points.

Initially, you might think trenchless methods are more expensive. Although the cost per square foot is higher due to the materials used, the overall costs are lower. You don’t have to worry about restoration costs and the job gets done faster. Most trenchless sewer jobs get done within 24-48 hours.

Call for an Estimate

The best way to know how much your sewer repair or replacement job will cost you is to call a sewer contractor for an on-site consultation. To schedule a service call, contact your local experts for sewer line services in Germantown, MD, A-1 Trenchless Services.

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