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If you have a clogged drain in your residential, commercial, or industrial property, A-1 Trenchless Services provides drain cleaning in Gaithersburg, MD, that can help unclog your drains in no time. Understanding why drains clog and how you can help to prevent a clog in any type of drain can help to prevent serious repair and replacement jobs over time.

Grease and Oil

These are two of the major culprits of most clogged drains, especially drains in work areas or in kitchens. Whenever you are cooking, empty oils and grease fat into a glass container, jar, or another storage solution for grease. While grease appears as a liquid when it is hot and being poured down a drain, it will quickly harden as it cools, causing the drain to clog and making it more difficult to dispose of food with a garbage disposal in place.

One tip to remember if you enjoy spending time in the kitchen: you can use collected bacon, pork, and grease from other meats you collect for cooking in the future with proper storage and labeling.


This is another major culprit that leads to the clogging of many drains, requiring professional assistance and drain snaking. Humans lose thousands of hairs each day, even if we do not typically see the loss of each hair we lose individually. When showering or tending to hair in the bathroom, hair can quickly buildup in bathroom sinks as well as in showers themselves. Consider using a catcher along with mesh screens in all of your sinks to prevent the buildup of hair which can quickly lead to a drain clog.

Mud and Dirt

While you may believe that drains can easily rid mud and dirt as it washes down, this is not always the case. Cached mud and dirt chunks can quickly get lodged within pipes, triggering a clog and making it more difficult for other water to pass below. Always remove chunks of mud or dirt when using drains after working outdoors or in areas where there is plenty of debris and buildup in the environment to prevent major clogs.

Working With a Drain Cleaning Company

Calling on a professional drain cleaning company such as A-1 Trenchless Services is a way to ensure your home or commercial property’s pipes and plumbing are in proper working order at all times. Whether you require a simple drain snaking service, hydro jetting services, pipe descaling, or even entire sewer and water line repairs or replacements, A-Trenchless Services can help you to get the job done right.

Knowing how to prevent the clogging of drains in your home or place of business can help with maintaining your property’s plumbing and avoiding costly repairs. Unfortunately, a clogged drain is often inevitable at some point in time for any homeowner or owner of a business, which is why turning to A-1 Trenchless Services can help you to get your plumbing working properly as quickly as possible.
Are you searching for drain cleaning in Gaithersburg MD and surrounding areas to help with a clog in your home or business? Contact us today to learn more about the drain snaking and drain cleaning services we can help you with today.

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