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If you’re in the Gaithersburg, MD, area, then you could benefit from water line services from our company. Yet knowing when you need a water line repair performed isn’t always obvious. Here are a few signs that you need a water line repaired as well as the consequences of waiting until it’s too late.

The Dangers of Ignoring a Water Line Break

When you have a broken water line Gaithersburg, MD, then you should be worried. Water lines can damage the inside of your home. It can completely ruin hardwood floors, walls, and even your ceiling. Water damages most of the materials that it touches. Too much rot could require you to replace important structural components of your house. Otherwise, your home might crumble in on itself.

Water line breaks that occur outside of the home can be just as dangerous. A service pipe gushes out a lot of pressure of water in a given time. That pressure can completely remove dirt and soil. This is a problem because it can create sinkholes. While your home may have been in a safe place originally, the water line break could have just opened up a sinkhole directly beneath it.

To ensure your home and property are safe, here are a few indicators that you need either a water line repair or water line replacement.

1. Mineral Stains

One indication that the water line is in trouble is if you notice stains from minerals in your water. In particular, you should look out for red or brown stains. The minerals could be from the pipes that are deteriorating or from the soil, itself. Either way, if you notice that color in your water or in the residue left behind by the water, then your water line may be in trouble.

2. Saturated Water in Your Yard

Another sign that your water line is in trouble is if you notice a lot of standing water in your yard. If it hasn’t rained in a while but you notice that there’s a lot of water in your yard, then it could be coming from your pipes. This is a big red flag and should be repaired as quickly as possible to prevent the water from reaching your home.

3. Rumbling or Hissing Sound

If you take a listen to the copper or PEX pipe that enters your home from the water line, then you might find this other sign. A rumbling or hissing sound can occur if the pipe is broken or in trouble. You can hear this noise the best when you’re at the point where the pipe enters the house. You’ll need to run the water as this is the only time when the sound might occur.

4. Lack of Water Pressure

One final indication that your water line needs repair is if you notice a lack of water pressure. With the water unable to flow through the pipe efficiently, you’re going to notice it through a lack of water pressure when you shower or wash the dishes.

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