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If you’re looking into drain cleaning in Rockville MD, you are looking at a process that can literally change the way that your water pipes work in your home. Your plumbing system needs to run smoothly in order for you to fully benefit from it. When it becomes clogged, your entire home comes to a standstill. People aren’t able to take baths, clothes are not able to be washed, and dishes are not able to be cleaned.

Drain clogs are often the reason that water stops flowing in your pipes. A drain clog can be located anywhere in your plumbing system, from the pipes leading from your bathtub to the pipes underneath your home. Drain cleaning is an excellent way to get rid of those clogs so that your home’s water system is up and running smoothly once again. Here is the information you can learn from your plumbing company regarding drain cleaning.

What is Drain Cleaning?

When many people think of dream cleaning, they think of going to the store and buying commercial solvents to pour down the drain when there’s a clog. That is not drain cleaning. Drain cleaning is a professional plumbing service that allows you to keep your drains and pipes completely clear of clogs and backups.

How Is Drain Cleaning Done?

Before the drain cleaning process begins, your plumber will insert a video camera into the drain to find out exactly where the clog is located. Once he finds it, he’s able to determine exactly what type of tool is needed to get rid of it. Your plumber can handle drain cleaning in several different ways.

Drain Snaking: Plumbers use drain snaking if the clog isn’t too deep or complicated. With a drain snake, also referred to as a drain auger, the plumber simply inserts the snake into the drain in order to clear out any obstructions.

Motorized Drain Snaking: Your plumber will use a motorized drain snake when dealing with a deeper clogged drain. The motorized drain snake is essentially a regular drain snake with a motor attached to it. These types of devices may be available at your local hardware store for rental, but only a professional should use them since they can damage the pipes if used incorrectly.

Hydro Jetting: Hydro jetting is one of the most effective ways of handling drain cleaning. With hydro jetting, your plumber uses a hose that has a nozzle attached to its head. Using the nozzle, the plumber shoots out highly pressurized jets of water deep into the drain, blasting away the clog. Hydro jetting gets rid of everything from deep sticky clogs to hard water build-up, leaving behind a crystal-clear drain.

It’s clear that drain cleaning is an effective way of getting rid of deep clogs that are clogging up your home’s plumbing system. One thing that would really help homeowners stay on top of their plumbing is to use drain cleaning services as a maintenance tool. By scheduling regular drain cleaning with your plumber, you’re able to stay on top of clogs before they get started. Regular drain cleaning will help keep elements like tree roots and organic matter from accumulating in your pipes, allowing the water to flow freely and eliminating the need for more serious repair down the road. This regular maintenance can also help your pipes last longer.

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