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When homeowners have a clogged drain, they often think about buying a chemical drain cleaner from a local store. However, drain cleaners do very little to remove the cause of the problem. In some cases, they can damage pipes. Thankfully, there’s an easier way to clean pipes with hydro jetting from A-1 Trenchless Services.

This form of drain cleaning involves placing a long hose into pipes through an existing entry point. The snakelike hose sprays high-pressure water into the pipes, which removes buildup without using harsh chemicals.

Biggest Drain Problems

Clogged drains are among the biggest drain problems that homeowners experience. Unfortunately, there’s little that homeowners can do to fix the problem on their own. Using store-bought cleaners only temporarily pacifies the problem. Real drain cleaning requires hiring a professional to remove the source of the problem.

What causes clogged drains? In general, everyday use causes clogs, which is why there’s little that homeowners can do to avoid them. In the bathroom, hair and soap buildup cause slow-flowing drains. In the kitchen, food debris and grease do the same. A drain cleaning company like A-1Trenchless Services can help.

All About Hydro Jetting

Of all the drain cleaning services homeowners can ask for, hydro jetting is the least understood. Some of them don’t see how shooting water into their pipes can clear debris because they run water through their pipes every day.

How is hydro jetting different? It involves forcing water through the pipes at more than 4,000 pounds per square inch. This high pressure not only removes large clogs but also cleans the insides of the pipes.

Before using hydro jetting, a plumber will put a camera into the clogged pipe. This allows the plumber to see what’s causing the clog and determine if hydro jetting is enough to clean the pipes. Once hydro jetting is complete, the buildup in the pipes is swept into the local water system and out of the pipes.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning

While we can try many drain cleaning methods, hydro jetting is among the best. Unlike standard drain snaking, hydro jetting offers a much more comprehensive clean. The reason is that the high-pressure water breaks up debris and removes buildup from the inside surface of the pipes. Other snaking methods simply break up large debris.

Also, hydro jetting doesn’t damage pipes or the environment. Because of that, it’s the perfect option for pipes regardless of age or condition. Likewise, having pipes cleaned at least once a year can extend their life span. Since hydro jetting is affordable, having the plumbing cleaned annually doesn’t take a huge investment.

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