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In any property, whether it is your home or your industrial complex, the sewer line needs to function properly for good sanitation and convenience. It may not be something you think about often until it stops working. Then, it becomes a big problem and you need sewer line repair. At A-1 Trenchless Services, we deal with these complex problems with the top solutions of today: trenchless technology. We serve Germantown, MD, and nearby areas.

Main Issues with Sewers and Water Lines

Some of the most common problems are:

  • Clogged pipes usually from sanitary products, hair and soap scum or anything a toddler wants to watch flush are the most common reasons. If a toilet is used as an extra wastebasket for diapers, cleaning wipes and other things, it will become clogged eventually.
  • Tree roots are another major cause of sewage blockage especially in the pipe that leads from your house to the municipal sewer connection. You can’t remove this type of blockage with DIY remedies. You need sewer line repair services to remove the roots inside the pipe without damaging it, or if it is already damaged, repair it.
  • Cracked or collapsed sewer lines are common in older buildings. Over the years, clay pipes disintegrate and iron pipes rust. This type of blocked sewer line may require sewer line replacement.

What is Trenchless Technology?

Trenchless technology is an ingenious way to fix sewer problems without digging up your whole yard, landscaping, and driveway. We only need one or two holes, depending on the reason for the blocked sewer line to address your problems. Two of our main methods are:

Cured in-place pipe (CIPP) – We insert a special liner that is filled with a type of resin that hardens into a smooth surface. When the liner is properly placed the resin hardens and the leak is fixed. This type of technology will last up to 50 years. The diameter of the pipe is slightly reduced but it’s not a problem for proper flow because the new interior is super smooth for fast flow.

Pipe Bursting – This is used for sewer line replacement. We make two holes, one at either end of the damaged pipe. A bursting head is pulled through the damaged pipe breaking up and pushing out the old pipe and pulling in the new one.

Trenchless vs Excavation

There is no question that trenchless sewer line repair is far superior to the excavation method. With excavation, the whole length of the damaged pipe needs to be dug up. Sometimes this requires a backhoe. You can say goodbye to your concrete driveway and beautifully growing plants and lawns. It all needs to go for sewer line replacement with excavation sewer line services.

We start our sewer line repair services with a sewer camera inspection. Our trained technician will insert a high-resolution camera into an already existing entry point and take a tour of your pipes. We will be able to see buildup on the side, cracks and holes and blockages. Once the problem is identified, we will start the repair this may include one of the procedures mentioned above.

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